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John helped me finance my new house after a bank and a credit union both turned me down for a mortgage.


When they said that I could not get a mortgage, I was confused.   I have a wonderful job, and a large down payment.   I did have one issue on my credit report that had affected my credit score.


I talked to a friend in the construction business and he referred me to John.  

I was hopeful, but a little skeptical.  He listened to me describe my situation, and gathered all my information.  After doing a little research, John said we could finance my house on an FHA mortgage, and sure enough we closed just last week!


I have never met John in person (I’m in Sterling Heights and he is in West MI) but he always returned my calls and emails quickly. I have to say that the mortgage process was not easy, but the bottom line is that he did what he said he would do, and I am very thankful. 


I would definitely recommend John if you need a mortgage.

Best Regards,

Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark

Sterling Heights, MI

I had been looking for a home loan for about six months and big name banks kept turning me away. After trying to secure a loan from my personal bank and being told to "wait another month or two" when I was pressed for time to find a house before my lease was up, I stumbled into John's office by accident. I was looking for someone else but I decided to give John a chance to help me with a loan instead. I'm so glad that I did.

There were a few obstacles that may have prevented me from getting into my home on time but he knew exactly what had to be done in order to keep everything running along smoothly. He helped me fix my credit when it took an unexpected dive, and he knew who to call when maternity leave threatened my chances of even getting my loan at all. He kept an eye on the interest rates and locked us in when he saw the best rate.


I highly recommend working with John's business "Beyond The Bank"!

Nicole Villa

Holland, MI

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