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Why we want to help you finance your home:


We saw good people who pay their bills and have a great jobs denied a mortgage because their credit score was too low.    


At Beyond The Bank, we provide the same loans as the banks and credit unions, but we provide them for borrowers with lower credit scores and other credit issues.

How can we do mortgages that others can't?  Aren’t the rules the rules?  


There are sets of guidelines that govern FHA , VA and conventional mortgages.   However, most banks have rules on top of rules, called ‘underwriting overlays’ that are more restrictive than the basic rules set by the underlying government agencies that create the guidelines. At Beyond The Bank, we have access to lenders who DON’T add on their own rules!   We also use lenders who make their own rules and cater to borrowers with recent ‘credit events’ such as foreclosure or bankruptcy.



Mary* has a great job, a credit score of 635, and had a dispute a few years ago with some timeshare crooks that put a foreclosure blemish on her credit report. Both a bank and a credit union turned her down. Mary purchased her new home and used a low rate FHA loan through Beyond The Bank to get it.

Beth*  also has a great job, is a former homeowner and is paying several debts on time.    Her credit score is 604 because of some recent medical collections and other issues. Beth also was told by two banks to raise her score and come back another day...

I told her to start house shopping!

*Names have been changed for privacy

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